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68 Kč
Gentle cleansing and soothing milk with regenerating and hydrating anti-aging active ingredients for anti-wrinkle care with PHARMACY CARE complex. It is suitable for all skin types
61 Kč
Gentle cleansing gel for daily care of intimate areas. Soothes and hydrates the skin of intimate areas, adds a pleasant feeling of purity and freshness, restores the skin's natural protective...
144 Kč
Gift set hemp cosmetic nr. 2: Laura Collini liquid soap aloe Vera 500ml Laura Collini face cream aloe Vera 250ml Laura Collini toilet soap aloe Vera 100g
45 Kč
An effective body roll-on antiperspirant for women with a citrus scent will ensure a fresh and invigorating feeling throughout the day.
72 Kč
Hair shampoo with herbal extracts (extract from Lapa and nettle roots) perfectly washes your hair and gives it a silky shine and a healthy look. The shampoo is suitable for everyday use.