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Nettle is one of the herbs that contain the most silicon - an "element of beauty" with a major impact on the growth of beautiful hair, nails and skin renewal.

Nettle is an herb with full intensity of healing effect in all parts (root, leaf, stem and flower). That is why it is equipped with stinging hairs - without this protection, the game would completely save and exterminate it.

Nettle is a perennial, herbaceous herb up to 2 meters tall. According to legend, Caesar's soldiers brought her to Britain because they thought they would need her so that they could play with her and warm up. Until recently, netting has been considered a proven remedy for arthritis and rheumatism. Today, a cleansing spring tonic is prepared from nettles and a nutritious vegetable dish from young leaves.

Nettle in our offer

Nettle is especially suitable for the treatment of oily skin. It is also a traditional means of rinsing hair (prevents premature oiling). It is added mainly to shampoos and hair lotions, it is part of many treatments for hair renewal and strengthening.


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290 Kč
Package contents:Luigi Collini shower gel White water 250 mlLuigi Collini anti-dandruff shampoo 250 mlLaura Collini hemp oitment warming 250 mlLaura Collini hemp oitment cooling 250 ml
72 Kč
Hair shampoo with herbal extracts (extract from Lapa and nettle roots) perfectly washes your hair and gives it a silky shine and a healthy look. The shampoo is suitable for everyday use.