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88 Kč
Quartett Melkfett cosmetic Vaseline with calendula and vitamin E reliably regenerates and protects the skin of the whole body. It is especially suitable for daily care of dry, irritated and cracked...
145 Kč
Tested for swine flu and other flu viruses with 99.9% efficiency.Easy application without rinsing and without allergens with a pleasant perfume.With antimicrobial and antiviral composition.
317 Kč
Package content:Virusept hand cream with antibacterial ingredient 100 mlVirusept hand gel 125 mlVirusept liquid soap with antibacterial ingredient 500 mlVirusept toilet soap with antibacterial...
164 Kč
Listerine Coolmint antibacterial mouthwash is used easily and quickly, twice a day. Provides 24-hour plaque protection and fresh breath.Listerine products contain a combination of essential oils...