Laura Collini Baby Care

Cosmetics for children with herbs, especially marigold.

Children's cosmetics are no less important than cosmetics for women. The sequel to the story of cosmetics for the whole family is called Laura Collini Baby Care. Marigold, an herb that gently cares for our children from birth, plays a major role in our line of children's cosmetics, which undergo a series of dermatological tests.


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22 Kč
Laura Collini Baby Care Moisturizing Baby Face and Body Cream is especially suitable for intensive care, protection and hydration of sensitive baby skin due to the content of almond oil, shea...
65 Kč
The hypoallergenic baby cream against sore throats has protective, caring and nourishing properties thanks to the marigold and shea butter.  It is also suitable for newborns babies dye and parabens...