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Marigold - a miracle of nature - is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Marigold is an herb with richly branched stems and oblong leaves, reaching a height of about 70-80 cm. Its flowers, which are up to 8 cm wide and have a yellow or orange color, can be found in most flowering gardens. In history, the moon has found abundant use. It was used as a rejuvenating herb in Egypt, and the Persians and Greeks used it in the kitchen and the Hindus to decorate altars and temples. With the petals of the moon, American doctors treated open wounds of wounded soldiers during the Civil War on the battlefields. They also took advantage of its antiseptic effects and ability to help heal the skin.

Marigold in our offer

Marigold can be found mainly in our cosmetics for children, as it has ideal healing effects for the treatment of sensitive children's skin throughout the body.


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98 Kč
Gentle body moisturizing and regenerating milk for normal to dry skin with high quality and nourishing ingredients of hemp oil, D-panthenol, marigold extract, vitamin E and shea butter, will give...
65 Kč
The hypoallergenic baby cream against sore throats has protective, caring and nourishing properties thanks to the marigold and shea butter.  It is also suitable for newborns babies dye and parabens...
22 Kč
Laura Collini Baby Care Moisturizing Baby Face and Body Cream is especially suitable for intensive care, protection and hydration of sensitive baby skin due to the content of almond oil, shea...
168 Kč
Laura Collini moisturizing and regenerating body lotion for normal to dry skin with 5% hemp oil, D-panthenol, calendula, vitamin E and shea butter for soft and supple skin all year round.
120 Kč
Laura Collini skin and body cream for normal and dry skin with 5% hemp oil, D-panthenol, marigold extract, vitamin E and shea butter has soothing and regenerating effects. It is suitable as a...
70 Kč
Carefully selected content of natural ingredients and oils provides a pleasant, unrepeatable bathing experience. Lemon balm herbal essential oils have been relaxing and soothing for the skin, as...
88 Kč
Quartett Melkfett cosmetic Vaseline with calendula and vitamin E reliably regenerates and protects the skin of the whole body. It is especially suitable for daily care of dry, irritated and cracked...