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Cotton - plant

Cotton is grown organically without the use of chemicals and therefore does not irritate and burden either the human body or the environment. Cotton fibers are used in the production of cosmetics - make-up tampons, cotton swabs, baby diapers, etc.

Cottons are erect shrubs, sometimes trees from the Malvaceae family. About 50 species of cotton are known. One of the most famous is Herbal Cotton - one of the basic types of cotton, which is still grown today.

Cotton fibers are further processed after harvest and cotton is produced from them. After treatment, long fibers are woven into yarn for fabric production, and short fibers are used to make artificial silk, gunpowder and padding.

The oldest archaeological evidence of the use of cotton is about 6,000 years old (cotton was used as a textile in ancient Egypt) and the oldest written mention of cotton comes from India from around 1,500 BC.

Cotton - plant

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