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Birch leachate has long been used to cleanse the skin and prepare hair water to strengthen hair roots.

Birch leachate loosens clogged pores and supports the skin's regenerative abilities. Birch hair water is suitable for all hair shades.

White birch grows to a height of 25 m. The leaves and bark contain flavonoids, essential oils, resins, saponins, glycosides, vitamin C, minerals, organic acids, betulin, sugar and tannins. Birch buds are used in gemmotherapy (a field that uses the power of buds, which contain the genetic potential of the plant). Birch leaves are traditionally processed into many forms: wine, tea, bath, birch oil, powder, tincture.

Birch in our offer

From birch sap, so-called "birch water", we produce hair lotions for rinsing hair after washing. Birch water reduces the formation of dandruff and ointment of the hair, improves hair elasticity and shine. That's why we also add it to shampoos and conditioners. 


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Package contents:Luigi Collini shower gel White water 250 mlLuigi Collini anti-dandruff shampoo 250 mlLaura Collini hemp oitment warming 250 mlLaura Collini hemp oitment cooling 250 ml