ATEA future Ltd. company was founded in 2003 in Čáslav and followed up on activities of original firm ATEA from 1992.

The basic intention - orientation on the export products produced by companies in the Czech Republic was gradually extended to the import of some products categories and deliveries for business partners in the Czech Republic. In the recent years the company focused on the own development, production, sale and distribution of cosmetic products, chemical and cleaning products for small consumer and industrial use.

The original export activities and cooperation with business partners in Poland, Germany and Slovenia have been significantly extended by deliveries of products to Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovakia in recent years.

Nowadays, the company ATEA future Ltd. supplies the Czech market and its foreign partners with a wide range of quality cosmetic products in the field of body and hair care, household, antibacterial gels and disinfectants, liquid and solid soaps.

Realisations and deliveries of private labels of the wide range of products to business partners in the Czech Republic and foreign countries as well belong to important activities of company ATEA future Ltd.

Our services

We have many years of experience and provide complete services in the area of supplying private-label products for retail network distribution as well as for industrial and professional use.

We design a product which corresponds to your requests and plans, its package (size and type of packaging), its desired properties and the price level. We also prepare and realize the entire development of the requested product and its testing. Last but not least, we arrange the approval procedure by relevant authorities (accredited laboratories) in the Czech Republic or abroad.

„It is not essential whether our company delivers products under our own or a private label of our business partner - we try to offer the best supplier service for building of long-term business relationships with our customers “.


In 2012, the company ATEA future Ltd. obtained the ISO 9001:2009 certificate.

In 2015, we were awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate.

In 2018, we were awarded the AB Cert certificate for organic food and drinks trade.

Certificate for financial assistance to children with autism spectrum disorder.

Data and safety sheets

Documents can be found on a separate page: Data and safety sheets